Friday, December 11, 2009

One of my items was featured on Etsy's front page - HOW COOL!!! My friend Ngan selected one of my items for her "treasury" (a grouping of items that have something in common - a color, season, use, feature, etc). Getting your treasury picked for the front page is great because it lets people know you exist (they go to your shop to check you out since you have such great taste) and all the people you've featured in your treasury get exposure on the front page.

My item -- the black and white coffee cozy at the bottom, called "Day and Night", has almost 250 views (people who clicked on it to look at it in detail) while my other items average between 10 & 30 views each. And the number of people who have listed my shop as one of their favorites went up by 30% in one day! So being featured in a treasury is a great thing for any Etsy shop, and I'm so thankful it happened to me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ryan Adams without the PMS

My friend Alicia came to town and introduced me to the Avett Brothers. I love them! I told someone they're like Ryan Adams without the PMS.

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