Monday, November 16, 2009

This weekend I made out with my sewing machine

This weekend I lived at the kitchen table with my sewing machine directly in front of me, a stereo for music and an ironing board on my right holding the iron and all my piecework. It was quite a scene. Family members flowed in & out of my little work station where I put in many, many hours of Holiday cozy creating.
I'm seeing a little cross-eyed today but it was worth it. Here are the first fruits of my labor:

These are listed at my Etsy shop, One In The Hand. More will be there soon!

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so NOT cool said...

Oooh, these are cute as heck. My daughter and I are always burning our fingers on coffee (that she is sweet enough to sometimes carry for me). :)

I'm doing a Black Friday Etsy post for The Women's Colony. If you'd be at all interested in giving a mini-discount or participating in a giveaway, I'd love to add you to the vendor list. I'd love to promote Etsy shopping over the dreaded Black Friday nightmare shopping ... IN STORES.

If you're not interested, I'm not offended.

Thank you.
Jodi Anderson

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