Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whose husband loves her? Ashley's! He drove to Wisconsin just to get me Chick-Fil-A. Ok, it's not like he started in Kansas -- we live in the NW suburbs of Chicago. BUT STILL.

Keeping with the Chick-Fil-A theme . . . you know the pub trivia team I join when I don't have class? Well our team name has been an evolving thing, but it always has to do with Chick-Fil-A. Funny story, I'll tell you sometime. Wait, did I already say that? Anyway. Here's a bit from the co-worker (a different one, yet still funny), gearing us up for tonight's game:

With the exception of *Ashley, the response to the naming response was a loud and resolute, "............." Maybe talk about it a bit more at tonight's quiz.

~Role call:
Cooler than John Lennon _and_ Vladamir Lenin

-Matt, Lacey, Eric, Curt, Nick, Beth & myself.

Chia pet people
-Ashley, Ian, Sam, Ronella.

Schrödinger's kittens
-Kelli, Emily, Chris, Rita.
See you all tonight!
(Official Metatron Team Chic-Fil-Ass)
*Who felt very strongly that we should stick with the name "Chic-Fil-A". She also suggested that it would probably be good if we all had our surnames legally changed to "Chic-Fil-A" ala The Ramones.

Our first night, the pub trivia announcer dude read our name wrong and called us Chick-Fil-Ass all night. Love it.


the cottage child said...

Chic-fil-a is tha best evah!

Sounds like your hubs is, too!

Mrs. G. said...

What a husband!

Ashley said...

He's a keeper!

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