Monday, May 24, 2010



Mandy said...


Ashley said...

HA! I forgot about this, planned to delete it. I was trying to post from my phone last night but it only gave me the subject bar - no text field to type into!

I was going to say how I was home alone, listening to music, cleaning the apartment, about to open a bottle of wine. Yay!

Pretty soon after that I got tired of cleaning, broke the cork (with the lower piece still inside) so no wine and Vincent & the kids came home.


Mandy said...

You can still drink wine that has cork in it! The first bottle that I ever bought, I never even thought to buy something to open it with & I was DETERMINED to drink it. Sandee suggested that I just use a knife & shove it in. I did! I just filtered out the cork. :)

Ashley said...

I was working on it when they got home. Lost interest then - I just wanted to enjoy the music and solitude and wine. They came in, it got noisy, I turned off the music, the moment was gone.



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