Monday, August 16, 2010

My herd instinct is in full effect

There’s a book I’ve been meaning to read, considering I’ve been in a “lighter = better” reading mood lately. I put it on hold at my library since it was checked out, and was able to get it today. Started reading it and OH YEAH, OH YEAH. Me likey.

When I was in high school, I used to write “stories” and bring them for my friends to read. In particular, a couple girls in my Spanish class – one who was on pom with me and one who later got pregnant and I threw a baby shower for her AND she was prom queen – loved what I wrote and would always ask, “do you have more story?” I’d write a little bit at a time and bring in new sections every day or two. These were always teen romances. The truth is I’ve had these stories going in my head ever since then and the characters have matured as I have, though I occasionally dip back into my youth and imagine characters who are young, unmarried, without kids. I love romances (stories). Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of other movies and books, but if you throw in romance, it seems to make things EVEN BETTER.

Anyway, I’m totally loving the book I checked out today and am glad there’s a Bears game on right now to distract Vincent, so I can sit quietly, listen to Fleet Foxes, and read . . . Twilight.


I wrote that Saturday evening and was so very happy to be waiting at the library doors on Sunday as they opened, so I could run in and track down New Moon and Eclipse. The last one (I forget the name, the one w/the chess piece on the front) is all checked out but they have it at another nearby branch. Finished Twilight Sunday, began New Moon and I'm almost done. Tonight will go to the branch and get the last one so that tomorrow or Tuesday when I finish Eclipse, I'll be ready.

Oh yeah, it's fun. :) As I was reading Twilight, I kept thinking, Who in their right mind could say, "Team Jacob?!?!" but now that I'm almost done with New Moon and things have developed between Bella and Jacob and Edward is being such a "but I don't want to hurt you" pansy, I can understand it. But I'm still Team Edward. Sorry. I also have been all "OMG JUST MAKE HER A VAMPIRE ALREADY" but I just read the part in New Moon where they were in Italy and saw the group of tourists led to their deaths, and the lady was scared and praying on her rosary and stuff. I mean, if Bella became a vampire we assume she'd stay with Edward and the Cullens, but what if she was really different and decided she wanted people? That would ruin everything. And sure, how would she have a real relationship with her parents again? And Jacob - she and Jacob would be enemies, even if there was a treaty. Also - if she was a vampire (and this is something I've been thinking all along), wouldn't she lose her smell? Would Edward really want her the same as when she was human? What if she became immortal and he was like, "Yeah . . . you just don't do it for me anymore. My bad." ???

As with Harry Potter and LOST and all things I come to late in the game, I'm sure those of you who are through it all are shaking your heads at my silly guesses. Oh well. It's fun!

Oh, and my friend Robin thought the guy from the Vampire Diaries wo
uld have been a much better Edward. I did try to imagine him with that face instead of Robert Pattinson's - and although I do think that the Vampire Diaries guy is more "perfect" looking, he's just not big enough for me to really believe him as Edward. AND I think Robert Pattinson gets "sad and tortured" better than Vampire Eiaries guy. Just Sayin.

Vampire Diaries guy

Robert Pattinson
Enough with the wishy-washy, Edward.

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