Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sometimes It's Good to Make a Plan

Things I Hope To Write About, So Don’t Let Me Forget

Why it’s important to model anti-racist beliefs for your kids, (why it's not enough to just talk about them). How you, as a parent who might live in a racially homogenous area, can develop genuine relationships with people outside of your race. How you can normalize other races for your kids.

Music albums that have made a big impact in my life.

The way we all forgive our favorite public figures more easily (even when they do our most hated thing) than we forgive those we don’t like from the beginning.

Conservative Christians and my frustration with them not calling out their political leaders for doing stuff that is a slap in the face of their faith.

Some of the reasons I am no longer a devout Christian. This one will probably be about the gays.

The Word of Faith movement in Christianity. Spoiler: NOT A FAN.

Me and social media: my journey during the last few years and where I’m headed next.

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