Monday, January 11, 2010

Maybe I can do this more often . . .

• Day 1 of Trying Tea Instead Of Coffee: 50% successful. Tea this morning but coffee this afternoon.

• Today I had lunch with my BFF from Cowley dance team. It’s amazing how we’ve been through so much and so many of the same things together. Danced together, transferred to state universities, didn’t graduate. She moved to Chicago. We both got married, had babies (well, one of mine came before we got married). Then I moved to Chicago – together again! Then she divorced, remarried and moved back to KS. More babies for her, more babies for me. Hopefully no divorce and definitely no more babies for me – her 4th will be here in a few months. I miss her a lot. Thank God for the internet!

• I start a new class tomorrow night: Building Public and Financial Support. I.E. how to fundraise. There are 2 texts – one strictly about fundraising (I have to say that this seems like a part of non-profit work I am NOT interested in. Too bad for me, as it’s a major part of making a NPO work!) and the other already has me in love just from the title: “Organizing for Social Change: Midwest Academy Manual for Activists”. You have to say it out loud with your fist in the air.

• Here’s some music for you:

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