Friday, February 26, 2010

here's my decorating style, straight from the IKEA catalog we thumb through in the bathroom. TMI? sorry.

i feel it's very common which automatically makes me think i shouldn't like it, but i have to push past that and give that the BIG WHATEV. i like it, so i like it, so i like it.

also, this:

now, does my house look like this? no way. but one day, it will.
i love the color (mine will have a bit more bright color - i especially love very bright and bold patterned furniture) and the wood and the ease and comfort that these living spaces seem to exude. i need to be able to live in every inch of my house and i rarely entertain. and even if i ever get into hosting dinners and stuff, it will never be in a formal place, even if the celebration is for a formal reason.


the cottage child said...

So cute - we love the IKEA catalog, it travels to every room. My five year old calls it the IDEA book.

Ashley said...

I want to live in those rooms!

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