Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Casual Friday

i brought rian to the office today so a student could do an assessment on him for a class assignment. the way it works is that because she isn't licensed/certified yet, she can't give me any results. which is fine 'cause he's ok. i just like using my baby for science. :)

fridays are casual days unless something big is going on and today i dressed even a bit more casually than i normally do since i knew i'd be wrangling a toddler much of the day.

that means sneakers and ratty-bottomed jeans . . . which isn't a big deal until you're in the elevator with your boss's boss, who looks pretty fancy but that's not unusual even for friday because she's just a fancy lady. "put together" is an understatement for her.

oops! maybe she didn't notice?

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Annette said...

Add me, por favor! :)

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