Friday, February 18, 2011

Dance Party Friday!

Ok, peoples. Today's dance party is gonna be mellow and fantastic. Prepare to be all funked up.

My husband and I were big Chris Rock Show fans back in the early 2000s and we have a few old VHS tapes full of the musical performances from his show. This was easily our most-watched performance. Note Angie Stone and Anthony Hamilton on backup vocals (killing it!), Pino Pallidino on bass and Questlove on drums.

Known for her indie-pop, Feist can also get down. I love this song. And the video features a gorgeous shot of the Chicago skyline.

Michael's Jackson's best song in a very long time, though it didn't get much radio play. It was written by Andre Harris (awesome Philly neo-soul producer) as well as one of the ladies from the group Floetry (who you should totally check out).

And now it's time for everyone to groan because it's so easy to hate this dude. Nevertheless, this song is crazy good.

Here's the most recent of any of these songs - sleeper hit! Very simple but don't mistake that for emptiness . . .

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