Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evolution of Design

My design style is changing! Or, maybe I should say, it’s expanding. Right now I’m thinking mostly in terms of interior design and furnishings. For as long as I can remember, my very favorite style of home has been the Arts and Crafts type, or Bungalow, or Craftsman. I’m not an expert on architecture, so it’s possible these each have something distinct and aren’t interchangeable – but in my mind, they’re similar enough to be grouped together.

I love the straight lines, the wood, the earth elements in the colors and materials. However, people I know often took my love of “clean lines” to mean I was into more modern and contemporary architecture and design/furnishings. But I wasn’t. I so rarely saw any modern spaces that weren’t too stark, too sterile, too cold. I didn’t want all that silver and white and blue and grey and black. I wanted reds and golds and greens and browns.


NOT This:

Even the more colorful modern spaces I’ve seen haven’t been that interesting to me because they use lots of primary colors and white – so much white! For me, white was good as wood trim or for cabinets, to give a classic look. But white as the main backdrop color, with primary colors in geometric shapes every once in a while? No thank you!


Maybe it’s due to more exposure to these design elements on line – I’ve become more interested in modern design. I still need color, and still am not a huge fan of primary-only color schemes, but I’m beginning to fall in love with white. Even mostly white rooms! I kind of feel I’m betraying color . . . the same way I feel I’m betraying music when sometimes, I just need silence.

Here are some looks I’m really enjoying right now – and pssst – I have a feeling that when I overhaul the look of this blog, it’s going to be headed in a more modern direction. And white will be involved.

I’m also hardcore in love with turquoise/aqua, which are colors I used to claim to detest!

Has your design style changed over the years? From what to what? Does that influence the look of your blog?


Annie said...

I'm not a huge fan of the super-modern style either. I like warm and comfy. Fabrics, knits, yellows, soft lines, and not too matchy-matchy. I think that style is definitely reflected in my blog.

stephanie said...

we are a pretty good mix between modern and arts and crafts/vintage. we like the clean lines and such but also want it super cozy and relaxed! i like the pics you posted that craft room is so cute!

Ashley said...

Our interior design is slowly evolving from "dorm room" to "dorm room sprinkled with random IKEA items". ;)

I think I can get down with the more modern stuff if there is still a lot of warmth and coziness - I don't enjoy spaces where I feel I should be getting my teeth cleaned or like I'm going to ruin the couch/carpet at any moment.

And I can handle more mostly-white spaces if the white isn't stark white. Off-whites, beiges, etc. plus plants, colorful pillows, etc.

In the last section of photos on this post, the first pic (with the beautiful wooden accent wall) as well as the very last pic (with the white couch) are ways I can see doing "white" successfully.

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