Friday, July 15, 2011

Dance Party Friday! Harry Potter

Google+ is already doing great things in my life. I asked what today's Dance Party Friday theme should be and got two responses: "Angst. Pure, unadulterated angst." and "Harry Potter, natch."

Though those themes could be intertwined, I've found enough songs to go along with a Harry Potter-only theme that I'm gonna shelve Angst for today and visit it again, maybe next week. So, for all you HP fans, today's DPF is for you! I know y'all are still asleep after catching the midnight show last night, so maybe you can check out the DPF when you wake up this afternoon.

I am a fan of the Harry Potter books. I didn't think I would be, but finally decided to give them a try. By this time all the books had been published and my local library had several copies of each, so I didn't have to wait when it was time to move on to the next book. I gotta say, I really dug the books, especially as I got further into the series and the themes grew more mature. There were some slow or redundant parts, sure, but there were some really funny parts, some really scary parts and some really touching parts. One day I'll read them again, and I'm sure my kids will enjoy them soon.

So . . . here we go!

I love the Eagles, so am happy to kick off DPF with one of their songs. This was a suggestion by Marissa. As are several other songs today. Thanks, Marissa!!

Ok - check it out, there are ALL KINDS of awesome versions of "I Put A Spell On You", so I'm going to do a short DPF within a DPF and do a quick rundown of all the great versions:

Ron's mom won't be having this, you guys.

Do You Believe in Magic? You know, Lovin' Spoonful, I'm not sure. This is a long conversation and I'm not sure we have time for it right now.


Black Magic Woman - Santana - great old school concert footage (even with the karaoke lyrics)!

Aww yeah, Hufflepuff, you know what's up . . . fun video.

Wizard by Black Sabbath. Dude, I could probably just post their entire catalog for this post. And Stevie Nicks, right?

Magic Potion by Open Mind. I like the mix of 60s fashion, psychedelics and plain weirdness of this video.

Man, oh man. Can a band get more emo? I love you but I've chosen darkness!!! Album title: Fear is on our side.

Add this song title to the name of the next group...

Flying Cars! Get it? Bonus song title on this one.

Alright, y'all. What other songs should be added to the Harry Potter Dance Party Friday?

Kevin tipped me off to a list of 25 Wizardry-related songs. Thanks, dude!

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