Friday, July 22, 2011

Dance Party Friday! Mix It Up

Today's Dance Party is going to be a mixture of good stuff I've run across, or been reminded of lately. Who knows, maybe you'll be saying Ooooooh...they're playing my song!!

First is a little Blue Eyed Soul...the best kind, from Britain! I was looking for All I Want Is You by Miguel on YouTube the other night, and came across a video of this guy - Daniel de Bourg, who is a great singer. He's gotten YouTube famous by doing tight covers of some great R&B songs, including several where he does all the backing tracks - vocals and instruments - just with his voice. He's cute, too. Anyway - enjoy this song and then look up the rest of his stuff on YouTube.

@BabylonSista from Twitter was listening to this and reminded me of my love for U2. In high school, a few guys did a lip-sync to this song. One guy who looked like the Edge sat on a chair on stage, with the stage curtains pulled all the way to each side of him, and the other guys stuck their hands out and messed with his face and all that. It was pretty funny. I should note that the next year my friends and I lip-synced to the theme from Shaft and I got to wear a vintage patchwork leather coat and stacked boots. Lots of lip-syncs in my high school years...

Here we have a special request from M. Enjoy, buddy. I really hope you enjoy that U2 song up there, too. :)

Here's a new song by the Avett Brothers, from an online performance on I can't wait for their new album! Did you know I and Love and You was produced by Rick Rubin? It sure was. You can see more "unplugged" performances of Avett Bros. favorites here.

I love the Shins, I love this song. I came across it again recently and have listened to it a couple times a day over the last week or so. So much energy yet kind of jaded and doubting. This is such a great example of indie pop.

This one goes out to Jeanna . . . KNEE DEEP IN THE HOOPLA. I think Grace Slick knows about Joann's Phoenix Jacket Junction, too.

A friend said something about ATCQ's Midnight Marauders album and I said something about The Low End Theory, which is my favorite of theirs. This is a great song from that album. Have I told you the story of how I met my husband? It has to do with us connecting over Tribe. I'll always love them, can't wait to see the movie about them, directed by another favorite of mine - Michael Rapaport. ZEBRAHEAD!!! If you know what that is, I love you. Let's be BFF.

I've just begun watching Sons of Anarchy, an FX tv show about a Northern California motorcycle club, via Netflix. I like it, plan to watch the rest of the series, but wish it had been done by HBO or Showtime. I'd have liked to see what they could have done with the show if they'd had less boundaries. This is the theme song.

If you're a Chicago Blackhawks fan, or a Chicago resident, or a hockey fan, you've probably heard this song a bazillion times. It's what they play when the Blackhawks score a goal and was played ad nauseum last year when they won the Stanley Cup. Heard it recently for the first time in a long time. Good song, great band name.

Any requests?

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