Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Meme

1. If not (Chicago), I would live: All the places I think I might want to live, I haven’t been to. So I’m just guessing based on other people’s accounts. Austin, TX. San Diego, CA. Wine country, northern Cali. A horse ranch in Colorado, Texas, Montana . . . a small house near a stream/lake/river/ocean, anywhere. One of the gorgeous, slow-moving cities on the coas in the South – Charleston or Savannah or someplace like that. NYC – ok, I’ve been there. I would want to live there if I had no kids. But – I love Chicago! I think I could be happy here forever.
This . . .
or this

2. My dream holiday would be: A big family skiing vacation at Christmas in a gigantic, awesome cabin. Enough time that we don’t have to be stressed about travel, enough space that we don’t want to kill each other (until at least the last day).

3. Current obsessions:
Jason Mraz

Container veggie gardens

Repurposing clothing 
Spider Solitaire (it’s more fun than the original!)
4. I channel my childhood self when I: am outside. It’s minor, but I walk on grass, cross the street wherever, climb stuff, get wet, get dirty. It’s fun. I like to ride my bike a lot & not be restricted by where sidewalks & streets say I should ride.

5. If I had to be outdoors all day I would: Well, I do plan on doing that as soon as the weather permits. I will be on my back patio & futzing around in my yard. I’ll have music, food, stuff to read, a place to sit, dirt to dig in, kids to watch as they play in the field behind our house. I may also bring my sewing machine out there, because dude, why not?!

6. My favorite quality in a person is: I have two answers. I don’t want to be in a relationship with a person who is unkind. So being a nice person is most important. But what I appreciate most & connect most with is a good sense of humor.

7. I am terrified of: I don’t have any over-the-top fears I can think of. I don’t like it when people pretend to strangle me or when my kids are climbing on me & they choke me a bit. I don’t remember any traumatic experience with this but I freak out a little if someone has their hands on my neck in any capacity. Now, other body parts, like lips? Go to town!

(Don’t do this shit to me!!)
8. My dream car: Either a cool muscle car from the 60s or 70s, a rugged SUV (think International Scout), or a 60s-80s pickup. I like plain, rugged, dude cars.

9. My cocktail of choice is: Margarita! I love fruity drinks and this one is the best. I’ll take it any style but my favorite is the frozen swirl Margarita at On The Border.

10. My beauty product of choice: I don’t wear this anymore because it’s too expensive, but I used to live & die by Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It looks super dark but when you put it on, it’s just a lip tint, lip gloss.
Perfect for every skin tone.   (now I use no products I like enough to endorse. I don’t really care about beauty products).
11. My friends and I like to: Get drinks, have laughs. Sing songs, dance around. We like it casual.
12. As a teenager I was totally into: The Beastie Boys. So much so that when I went to my 10 year reunion, everyone kept asking about them, referring to them. I’d forgotten this was such a part of my identity back then.

13. I tend to splurge on: Nothing. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on anything that isn’t a bill. I buy inexpensive stuff, mostly.

Wanna play?

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