Monday, April 26, 2010

Enjoy my avoidance

i wish i could click my heels 3 times and just be home already, so i'm doing the next best thing and avoiding my commute altogether by taking pointless photos!!! MOM OF THE YEAR.

clockwise, from the file cabinet in front of my desk

the file cabinet which holds about 5 files with 1 piece of paper each. it does allow for some cute, pithy magnets, including lots of dwight schrute. the schrutes produce very thirsty babies, you know.

next are the 3 printes i found for $7 each in some random store. they warm up my wall nicely and i get lots of compliments on them. klimt flanking van gogh. beneath these bad boys is a chair for visitors to sit in. we look over the top of my laptop at each other.

there's my office door which is only closed because i wanted to eat some cheetos with no judgment. and you can see how my office stretches over to the right . . .

very important things like office supplies that several people on my floor raid periodically even though they're not for them. also note the boxes and bags of crap underneath - those would be full of things i moved from my old office last summer that i've never gotten around to sorting out. plus paper for my printer, and a stash of grocery/catering bags that i thought i'd use for etsy packaging. still need to do something with all of that. ideas?

the office-mate's desk and bookshelf. she lets me steal mint gum/candy when i run out. we whine about stupid things we have to do for our jobs together. solidarity, baby.

my own bookshelf which is simply a repository for "things i will file one day." that yellow box near the top used to hold mints but i haven't been to CVS lately and the entire floor is disappointed in me. i'm not sure what that box on the bottom shelf is but it probably contains multiple copies of something important.

my recycling box, my messenger bag, my red scarf, my laptop bag (the backpack kind are so nice! no shoulder pain).

crap under my desk. the box (not crap) holds yarn from dora (several individual balls of yarn have made it home). tennis shoes, a candle i got on sale at CVS back when i was all excited about my MAD SAVINGS i could get there. cords.

more crap under my desk: the basket from when i won all that special K stuff. i keep thinking i will use it for something here. flip flops and boots.

piles of crap i need to sort through. my cheerios notebook i made at one of the chicago craft socials. i never use it but i like how it looks so it stays on the desk. people ask me about it and i tell them where i made it and they think i am all crafty. I AM A FRAUD, I TELL YOU! they will find me out and burn my etsy shop to the ground.

better shot of that part of my desk, just want you to see my ikea print up top. and my lamp shade.

more crap on my desk! more piles of crap to wade through and file! post-its galore with all kinds of notes. my beloved coca cola. my awesome printer/scanner/copier/fax (though i don't use the fax, those come to my email as a pdf, wheeeee). my family photo collage.

my laptop! my cup of coffee from this morning and cup of water from lunch when i said YOU DO NOT NEED A COKE ASHLEY DRINK WATER. the coke is from around 4:40pm so i held out a few hours. be proud of me.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i'm going to miss the last bus. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

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