Friday, April 23, 2010

Soft, soft feet

Appointment Set:
At 5:15pm tonight I begin my new life as a real woman.


Caro said...

You've GOT to tell me more about your pedicure!
My friend asked me to become the makeup artist for her salon, and I'll be giving manis, pedis and facials as well. Pleeeeeaaase tell me what you liked the most and what no so much, yes?

Ashley said...

Ok! Well I am seriously an amateur - this is only my 2nd pedicure ever! But here's what I noticed:

~ I felt sheepish to not really know what to do - for example as I was guided to my chair, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take my flip flops off and leave them somewhere, or just set them next to my chair. I looked around for a minute and asked, "Should I leave these here?" and they seemed a little surprised that I didn't know where to put my shoes. They were nice about it but still I noticed surprise. (I left them next to my chair).

Then I just wasn't sure what to do - put my feet in the water first? Wait for them to put the blue stuff in? Anyway, it took the lady a few times of directing me to do something (and me not responding right away because I wasn't clear on what she'd said) for her to realize she needed to speak up and be more forceful - not harsh, but more direct, I guess. She asked if I wanted the razor, this is when I said, "Really, I don't know - this is only my 2nd time having a pedicure and the first one was a long time ago - just do whatever you think is best to give me soft feet." And she was very nice and kind of babied me after that.

It's funny because I'm assertive in most other areas of my life but I felt kind of defective as a woman for not knowing what I was supposed to do.

I liked the foot massage, I loved the massage chair (it was really forceful, didn't just buzz but had these giant rollers that hammered my back) and I liked the way she was so kind to me after I admitted I didn't know what I was doing.

So I would say to try and determine if someone is a pro or a newbie, and if newbie, explain everything to them and give them whatever options they get to choose from, and give them a second to think about it.

What I wasn't super happy about is that she didn't make my feet as soft as I'd hoped. Now - the skin on my heels is very rough so it's likely that it will take more home-moisturizing from me, and more frequent pedicures, to get to the point where I want. I was just kind of hoping she'd be able to work her magic and my feet would be super soft. They're not rough like before, but the skin there is still kind of hard and will need to be whacked at some more.

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