Monday, April 19, 2010


Remember Little Golden Books? I had one of their classics, “My Little Golden Book About God” which was illustrated by the famous Eloise Wilkin.

I remember the images in this book so vividly – I came across it in a store recently and the illustrations took my breath away. They’re pretty, sure, but it was more about being taken back to my childhood. Here are some great images from the book. You can find it all over.

In my attempt to find images to post of this book, I ran across a spoof someone did where the kids in the book are all aliens, ready to take over the human race. It’s pretty funny, and then creepy (those kids always did have freaky eyes!), but nevertheless I just wanted a way to post the images, so here . . . drumroll . . . My Little Golden Book About Zogg!

zogg_1 zogg_2 zogg_3 zogg_4 zogg_5 zogg_6 zogg_7 zogg_8 zogg_9 zogg_10 zogg_11 zogg_12 zogg_13 zogg_14 zogg_15 zogg_16 zogg_17 zogg_18 zogg_19 zogg_20


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is seriously creepy.

I always got a Little Golden Book when we went to the grocery store when I was little--and now I realize what a big deal that was for my mother financially. But she understood that when you really want a book you really want a book.

Ashley said...

I always loved looking at the back of those books - remember the different characters that made a border on the back?

That makes me think of the book orders my mom would pay for - you know, the little 2-3 page, color, order sheets? My mom almost always bought me a few books from those things and it was like my birthday when, weeks later, our teacher would surprise and us and say, "The book orders are here!" And then we'd all get to go home with a stack of bookes.

And now I wonder - what about the kids who didn't get to order any - how did they feel watching them get passed out to their classmates? I wonder how much money teachers have spent on buying books for kids whose parents couldn't or didn't buy any?

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