Thursday, April 8, 2010

red shoes, oh yes

Recently I went on a trip to New York City to see some girlfriends. It was an exciting trip for me (that I hope to write about later, in detail), part of which revolved around wearing some hot red heels one night out dancing.

These heels:

Around the same time that I was shopping for NYC, I saw one of my guilty pleasure movies, "The Prince and Me" which features Julia Stiles wearing a pair of dark red clogs. Then, I had a conversation with some friends about how I have always wanted to get some red cowboy boots.

Theme, anyone? Have you ever realized that you liked something, and after realizing that, decided to purposefully make that a part of your life?

I don't do the stereotypical "I'm a woman, I drool over shoes" thing but I do like a few types of shoes a whole lot, and red is my favorite color, and red shoes are distinct, so why not? When it's time to buy new shoes, I think I am going to get them in red as often as I can. Here are a few styles I would like to eventually own one day:

(I already own these soccer sandals in blue and am due for a new pair - comfort like no other!)


Caro said...

Yes YES! Red shoes fan here, all the way.
My almost 60 year-old still single aunt once looked at me in disapproval and stated that red shoes are only for "ladies of the night" :O

Ashley said...

Uh oh! I remember hearing something like that about ankle bracelets once.

I guess my husband better keep an eye on me . . . :)

The Robertsons of Mumbai said...

I had a pair of red shoes a few years ago, and they were the best things to ever happen to my feet! I just wish that I would have bought two pairs...

Ashley said...

@The Robertsons of Mumbai - just yesterday I was telling a friend that I was thinking about buying a 2nd pair of my favorite plaid sneakers because one day the originals would wear out and then where would I be? :)

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