Saturday, July 3, 2010

10 bits of ashley weirdness

1. i only chew up blue m&ms, i never suck on them because blue dye in candy will stain your teeth. i prefer to suck on all other m&ms because by the time you've dissolved the candy shell, the inside chocolate is all soft & gooey. i prefer peanut m&ms and dark chocolate m&ms.

2. i am not flexible. i danced for years and no matter how much stretching and splitting and leaping i did, i am still the way god made me -- with short tight muscles. i'm strong, though, so on switch-leaps i am able to get a nice split going on in the air, because my legs are strong enough to force the split. same with kicks.

3. i twitch when i'm falling asleep. actually it's more violent than a twitch. i kick. it wakes me up for a second . . . only once though. right after i've dozed off, i kick and it wakes me up for a second. this is the signal to my husband and i that i am now about to go to sleepytime, so leave me alone.

4. i MUST MUST MUST open my work outlook first before i open anything else, because on my toolbar at the bottom, my outlook must be on the far left right next to the start bar. i don't care what order i open up other programs but outlook is first. i will shut everything down, even complicated programs if somehow they are open first and on the far left.

5. i will not write with pencils unless i'm in an urgent situation and that is all that is available. i prefer a click-top gel pen in blue or black. sarasa makes a great one. writing with a dull pencil on something soft, like a stack of recycled paper, makes me feel gross.

6. i stare a lot. i have freaked people out before. usually they were attractive people -- i just can't seem to get enough of looking at some people. i'm not sexually attracted to them or anything -- i just enjoy looking at how beautiful they are.

7. i have been told i do a little dance when i eat chips (to my new friends: I LOVE CHIPS). i still have never caught myself doing this but once someone told me i asked my other friends and they confirmed. this baffles me!

8. i choke on something i'm drinking on a daily basis.

9. just about once a month, i have 2-3 days where i desparately want to homeschool my kids on a ranch in colorado. hormonal?

10. most of the foods that other people think are gross because they are processed or fake or whatever -- i like all those foods. i am always finding myself commenting on how yummy something is while everyone else sits there with un-touched plates, silently planning to go eat at a nice restaurant after they leave whatever banquet we're at.

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