Thursday, July 8, 2010

a while back on the bus i was reading harry potter. this young hipster looking dude was near me and when he was getting off the bus, he said to me, "you know, muggles shouldn't read on the bus. it makes them sick."

i smiled and said, "what if i'm not a muggle?" he said, "oh, YOU ARE."

we laughed & then he said "have a good evening" and i said "you too" and he got off the bus.


also i wonder if he thought to say that at the last moment or if he had been thinking of it ever since we were at the bus stop together. i only wonder because this is the sort of geeky stuff i do.

it just occurred to me that i need a harry potter avatar. and then i thought, NO I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULD NOT GO THERE. and then i thought of the scary peoples who go all sexual on HP and i'm all EWWW.

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