Friday, May 20, 2011

Dance Party Friday! Chillax . . .

Today's Dance Party is going to be a mostly chilled out collection of songs. Sit back, nod your head, and do a little dance in your chair. No need to get up . . . not if you don't want to.

New band for me, Little Dragon. Haven't heard much from them yet but I like this mellow beat.

The other day, Gina from the hiyaluv blog & etsy shop said something about her "jam jams" (pajamas) and it made me think of this song. I remember car dancing to this quite a bit, years ago.

Here, we have a special request from Miss Amy . . . SOON TO BE MRS. MIKE!! That's right, folks, Amy & Mike of recent Dance Parties got engaged yesterday! Yes, I am living vicariously through them because I didn't really get engaged, I just got pregnant :) . . . SO WHAT?! Let me have this, ok? So, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, peeps.

Mike (aka MR. AMY) is my current guy-friend-who-I-trip-out-on-music-with, but long, long ago, Mike was named Andy. Or, I should say, I used to have a different guy-friend-who-I-trip-out-on-music-with, back during high school and college, and his name is Andy. We're in touch via facebook but it's been years since we've hung out (about 700 miles separate us). Anyway, we send each other new music we're into every once in a while and he recently turned me onto the album Maximum Balloon, which is a solo project of a dude from the band TV On The Radio. I'm really enjoying getting to know both the solo project and TOTR. I recommend that you do, too!

This was a song some friends and I listened to a lot my sophomore year in college. I think we listened to the whole album but honestly this is the only one I remember.

The second CD I ever purchased. Still love it!! DPs for life!!

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gina luv said...

oh ya! fun post! love my jam jams! wish i could be in them right now! it is such a gloomy day in philly:)

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