Friday, May 13, 2011

Dance Party Friday!

I didn't think Blogger was going to let me get this Dance Party started! All it took was a little patience, and BAM! Dance Party Friday is back on.

No strict theme again today, these are all just songs that really, really make me dance. If these come on, no matter where I am, I kinda have to shake it. Just saying.

This song swings and hits. Never misses.

One of my favorites by Mos Def - You know the motto - Stay fluid even in staccato. This song tells a great story about Hip Hop's origins, present and future.

Now this song? I've likely put here on my blog about 37 times. It's also on my Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, mp3 player, laptop and of course, etched in my mind. I've always loved Wham! and George Michael, and this song. But sometime in the last year, my work buddy Sara and I realized that we both loved this song. One of us left the other a voicemail of nothing but this song. That continued back and forth and evolved into singing it in the hallways and elevators at work, posting it on each other's Facebook pages, texting it to each other and generally finding a way to bring it up once a week or so. It's "our" song. If we were 4th graders, we'd couple skate to it. I daydream of us going dancing and hearing it come over the soundsystem . . . if we're not already on the dancefloor, we BUMRUSH it and do this amazing freestyle dance that occasionally comes together in choregraphed sections that neither of us practiced before. Just like in the movies!

So I told Amy (one half of Mike & Amy from last week's DPF) about the song & she asked me to play it today . . . should I expand my daydream to include Amy as part of our spontaneous club routine?! I think it will depend on how she handles getting a text message every other day with a random lyric from this song. Will it break her? Or will she embrace it and begin hearing it at the most inappropriate times? Like when someone tells you about something their baby did, and you think, "AND NOW YOU TELL ME THAT YOU'RE HAVING MY BABY, I'LL TELL YOU THAT I'M HAPPY IF YOU WANT ME TO" which makes you think, really, George? As if the "Last Christmas" video wasn't proof enough that you are NOT having sex with women.

My favorite version of a great Beasties song.

Get down, Get Low . . . fun at the club!

Not a big hit for Madonna but a great club song. This is a song that gets better the louder you listen, the more bass you have.

I wish I could have found the performance of this song from the Chris Rock show in the early 2000s. It was awesome, namely because of the 4 backup dancers who were doing all kinds of stepping & partner tricks.


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Mama Violet said...

I love George Michael. I was a fan cub member (wish I had kept my newsletters) and I went to the Faith '89 concert. :)

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