Friday, October 21, 2011

Dance Party Friday! Simply Happy

Today's Dance Party is simply "songs that make us happy." Who's the "us?" Me & my co-workers. I've put out a call to them, asking for their song requests . . . of course I had to lay the smacketh down immediately when one of them asked for Dirty Diana. Again.

Look. I am not going to play that song on my blog. Ever. I just don't like it and this is my blog and YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF ME!!!


YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THIS SONG FOREVER AND IT'S FINALLY ON YOUTUBE!!!! I had this tape, this was my favorite song, I know every word. This is JUST Salt - no Pepa. She kills this song.

Here's the first request I could approve - love this song. It's very cheerleader-y and I like the pause: "That's not my . . . name."

"You take your prospects and your pick axe and you trudge down to the stream, and you bloody your hands digging for your dream." I have never found a band or musician who has more poetic and just plain awesome lyrics than the Indigo Girls. I love this line, it's tattoo worthy.

This is a fun dance song but what I love most is the humor. Please note 0:23 - that's Sara's dance!! If only he would make it rain, he would be her dance twin! Also? Hot. Please dance more.

I'd heard of these guys but didn't really give them a listen until they were on Saturday Night Live. This song is incredible. Please listen all the way through, it builds & builds. Here they are, playing it on Letterman.

Sara's request - Now, if you're new to this blog, you don't know that Sara and I have shared a love for this song for quite a while. I mean, we each loved it but then we FOUND OUT that we each loved it and the rest was history. Playing non-stop, leaving each other voicemails, breaking out into song, putting it on each other's facebook pages, history. We're about to go out for our 2nd annual Sara & Ashley Joint Birthday Extravaganza and, well, this song is likely going to make an appearance periodically through the evening. If we go dancing, a DJ will be bothered repeatedly until he agrees to play it.

Sara's really feeling the 80s at the moment.

Yeah! Kate suggested this song, a classic. How amazing would it have been to see this live??

Mike's contribution - I can get with this. After I vetoed Dirty Diana and Danzig.

WE TAKE THE BACKSEATS OUT OF THE MINIVAN . . . Hmm . . . is this how Sara and I will go out for our birthday??

Love me some Patsy!!

OMG don't read the comments. It'll just make you sad. Y'all, just enjoy the music. Don't argue about it.

My favorite song by a favorite band. Brian Wilson just can't be topped in pop song writing, and his voice when he sings, "Everything will turn out alright" . . . sigh.

My friend Nick said that in concert, these guys say some variation of "This one's for the ladies" prior to every song. Makes me love them even more.

What songs make you super happy?

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