Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wake me up in January . . .

Life is a little crazy right now.

1. We rent a townhouse and unfortunately, the owners lost the property in foreclosure. We got notice a couple weeks ago to move out in 90 days. We thought our lease would protect us but 90 days is the max we get. There are some provisions for renters under a law passed in 2009 but we fit in a couple of the loopholes so we don’t get to stay unti the end of our lease.

a. The last couple of weeks have been very stressful as we search for a new place to live.

b. We found something! Same school districts, same size, cute. I’m excited because I’m going to lobby to set my sewing machine up in the living room by a window which looks out onto our backyard, a field & trees.

2. This weekend my brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit us, they have business in Chicago.

3. Next weekend we’re going to an engagement party for my friends.

4. The next weekend is our anniversary and will possibly be the weekend we move to the new place.

a. I’m supposed to go thrifting with friends this weekend, I think. Or some weekend.

5. The following weekend is my birthday.

6. The next weekend is when I celebrate my birthday with coworkers (my annual Big Night On The Town).

7. Two weeks later is Thanksgiving.

My Etsy usually takes off in November, and we could use the money with the move and all, so I anticipate the next 6 weeks or so to be complete chaos as we pack, move, unpack and fit in more socializing than we do almost all year. And as I try to sew, knit, photograph, promote, sell and ship my stuff. OH. LAWD. HELP. ME.

I may not be giving you fresh blog content every day or even weekly but at some point I will be back, I promise! I’ll try to at least keep the Dance Party Friday action going . . .

Here are some random pics for you:

E headband

My co-worker and lovely model, E. She stopped by my office yesterday and was wearing one of my headbands. :) She’s GAWGEOUS.

Kids . . .

kbr2kbr4  kbr3

kbr knitted w buttonsSome knitted cup cozies and fabric-covered buttons that will be in my shop soon! (Each cozy gets a set of 3 buttons) 

Happy Thursday, Y’all!!

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