Friday, October 28, 2011

Dance Party Friday, Anniversary Edition


Today is our 11th wedding anniversary! Hooray for us. :)

We met in October 1998. I was in college at Kansas State University when my husband (in the Army at the time) came to my apartment with some friends. His friend had a crush on my roommate and he wanted to visit her, but didn't want to come alone, so he drug his friends along with him.

I began quizzing the guys on what music they listened to, and one after another, they were saying "Master P" and I was just like Uhhhh. Without the nah nah nah, you guys. Not a fan. I mean, I respect his hustle but his style is just not my thing. When I got to my husband, he said he listened to A Tribe Called Quest. This made me take notice because I was a big ATCQ fan. I left for some party and later referred to him as "the cute one on the couch." I didn't really think about him again.

A couple weeks later, on Halloween night, my roomies and I went to a Goodie Mob concert on campus - and THE CUTE ONE ON THE COUCH was there with his friends! We saw them in the audience so after the show we met up with them and decided we'd all go to the various Halloween parties in town, as a big group. We split off into different cars and I (of course) ended up in his car. OH LOOK, he happened to be playing Tribe on his stereo! ;)

We were out all night and while our friends went into house party after house party, we stayed behind in his car and talked and talked and talked.

A couple days later he & his friends came over (my roomie had begun warming up to the guy who had a crush on her) and the rest is history - we got serious immediately.

Two years and one baby later, we got married, and here we are today, 11 years and two more kids later. We've been through a lot . . . A LOT, Y'ALL. And we're still together and happy.

Here's the little gazebo where we got married. No decorations (none needed, look at that greenery!), our friends & family stood around the gazebo and we had a very small reception at the local brewery.

Love you babe!

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