Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Excited for my birthday!

My birthday is in about a week, a couple days later is my work BFF's birthday, and a week after that we'll be going out with co-workers for The 2nd Annual Ashley and Sara Joint Birhday extravaganza!

Last year's festivities involved a lot of bar-hopping. I hoped the evening would end in a killer danceoff, but due to smoke machines and someone's asthma, we just sat around and complained about work. I've decided to plan a dance night separately with people who I know really want to go, and to do something else super fun for our birthday.

Sara got to pick where we eat/drink (she's a foodie, I'm not) and I got to pick the late night activity: KARAOKE!

What should I sing? I'm going for fun crowd pleasers, not an audition for American Idol.

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