Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Must Never Divorce

(29 years ago, wait, what, 29 years? 29? I was walking around and eating solid foods that many years ago?) - My first boyfriend was in kindergarten. We went to the same daycare so between it and school, we were with each other for hours each day.

There was an area in our classroom set up to play house. He and I sat on the (toy) bed, it broke, I used to tell this story as thought it was a dirty joke when I was a few years older, what is wrong with me.

We were playing hide and seek and he kissed me. He told me he would give me his sister’s Barbie house and car. He moved away.

(22 years ago) - I saw him at a pizza place in 6th grade. He didn’t notice me and I was glad. And mad.

(20 years ago) - I saw him in 8th grade at someone’s graduation. He didn’t notice me and I was just mad. I was really cute that day.

(17 years ago) - He came to my high school our junior year, we never spoke. I did glare at his locker a couple times. Surely.

(6 years ago) - I helped plan our 10-year high school reunion. We started an online community and he participated and had no idea who I was. I figured making a scene might discourage people from attending and I reminded myself that the *internet is forever*.






Nod to Melissa Beck for the *reminder*.

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