Thursday, June 17, 2010

America is an unstoppable oil dependency-breaking machine!!!!
Unfortunately the machine runs on oil.

Shocker: He gives Nixon more eco-friendly props than anyone else!


Lisa Paul said...

Is it wrong that I've become so overwhelmed with this oil spill that I'm hiding my head in the (oil-soaked) sand? Thanks for the Jon Stewart clip. It might be an easy transition out of "Covering My Ears LALALA I Can't Hear You" Land.

Ashley said...

I'm with you! This all hit at my busiest time in months and that plus the feeling that I personally can't do a ton to fix it . . . and it's not even over yet . . . and I'm drained from Haiti and Arizona and . . . makes me feel really incapable of letting it sink in. I haven't looked at the horrible pictures, or read much about it.

I did read an article in the recent Rolling Stone which indicated that Obama's guy, Salazar, didn't crack the whip on the oil industry, i.e. all the sleaze from earlier administrations were given a free pass to regulate themselves (or not, in this case).

Not shocking - I've given up on thinking the President is much more than a puppet of the elite - but still disappointing.

Ashley said...

Above I meant any President, not just Obama.

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