Wednesday, June 9, 2010


~ we're moved. not fully unpacked. but the new place is what i think of, when i think of, "home." ~

~ someone nominated me in the facebook group "from: me to: you" and i came home the other night to these awesome, suprise, handmade gifts:

you should join the group and nominate someone to receive a surprise gift! ~
~ i'm neck-deep in commencement planning, it'll be over friday afternoon. ~

~ i have a friend who moved out to napa, works in the wine industry and has a boyfriend who owns a winery or vineyard or something . . . i sent her a message in facebook to laugh about how i'm finally a grown-up and have learned to enjoy wine. she replied by telling me she's going to send me some of their wine! ~

~ i've begun sewing again and hope to get some new items listed in my etsy shop soon! i'm experimenting with a couple new products as well as using some gorgeous new fabrics for my original cup cozies. what's funny is that i'm looking forward to staying up late, sewing and watching the final season of LOST, catching up on Heroes and getting started with Grey's Anatomy . . . just as much as i'm looking forward to the actual sewing. i've only ever watched 1-2 episodes of Grey's eash season - the whole glorification of infidelity thing always rubbed me the wrong way. but . . . ever since i learned that kevin mckidd joined the cast, i've been itching to watch it. he enters the show in season 5 so that's where i'll be starting. i may just fast-forward through all the scenes without him. and having said that, i think my crush may have just gone off the deep end. ~

he's so not my normal type . . . but . . . yowza.

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Aunt Snow said...

Hi, Ashley!!

I've bookmarked your blog!

Aunt snow

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