Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here are some things I'd like to do, certainly not ALL the things I'd like to do. Some big, some small. Some I've done since writing the list a while ago, some I've done in the past but would like to do again.

· See/hike the Grand Canyon

· Go fishing

· Attend a woman’s labor & delivery

· Perform in a musical where I get to sing *and* dance (but I don’t need a lead role, chorus is fine)

· Jet ski

· Sew/knit something like a blanket, afghan, quilt or article of clothing

· Write a song

· Find a church home

· Teach dance

· Be with someone while they’re getting a tattoo (no, I don’t feel the need for one of my own)

· Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with a big bash

· Run (and finish) some sort of run (not a marathon! More like a 5 or 10K) that is for a good cause

· Take a cooking class

· Decorate a house (or just a room in someone else’s house)

· Host a holiday dinner

· Go on a trip in an RV and stop at unique restaurants & landmarks along the way

· Go horseback riding, not just around a corral, out on a mountain trail or something more extensive & scenic.

· Vacation in a cabin near a body of water & wooded area. Like a lake cabin or something quiet like that.

· Go to an amusement park and ride the best roller coasters

· Go to museums (art, historical, science, cultural)

· Go on tours of Chicago (cultural, trolley, riverboat)

· Go roller skating

· Go skiing

· Ride a bike

· See a band I love in a small club concert

· Learn to play the guitar

· Own a piano & play it regularly

· Spend time in these cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland (OR), Boulder, Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C. I could say NYC but Chicago is similar enough (at least in the things I’d like to get out of NYC). Boston & Philly probably are too, so they can stay near the end of the list. :) There are historical things in Boston & Philly that I’d like to check out.

· Get a professional massage


Aunt Snow said...

Ashley - on June 18 you commented on my blog and asked me some specific questions about your small east-exposure garden. Please email me so we can converse about it. I have some ideas, and would love to share.

You can find me email address on my blog's profile.

Aunt Snow


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I got to decorate a friend's house when they moved and came into a large sum of money at the same time. Too much fun!

the cottage child said...

Oh my gosh - I knew I was your long lost much older sister. Love your list, and how it eerily mirrors my own. Maybe we can go in on a horse and a piano together.

Ashley said...

Jenn, that sounds like so much fun! I'd love to be given a budget and freedom to play.

CC - I am there. Those things were both regular parts of my childhood (the piano more than the horses) and I miss them so.

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