Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance Party Friday! Turn that frown upside down!

I asked for Dance Party Friday themes on Twitter this morning, and was asked to play something to help a friend wake up, and . . . polka. Now, I am no stranger to polka. You don't grow up with German and Czech family in central Kansas without going to a few weddings or state fairs or small town shindigs that have a lot of polka. And a lot of big skirts with 18 bazillion petticoats underneath. So - I am gonna give a shout out to my childhood, and my friend Kelli, and look for a song by her requested Polkaholics. And after that? We're gonna get into a session of songs that are just deliriously happy. They will make you smile or they will make you wake up or they will make you dance. But if you listen to these songs and still have a frown on your face or no pep in your step? Well, then you obviously have a heart of cold, cold stone.

Ok - The only good quality Polkaholics videos I can find have embedding disabled, so I'm gonna link them - No Beer In Heaven. But yeah, give them a listen, I like them. I will say, though - and I can't believe I am defending traditional polka - seriously, am I doing this? Yes, I am - their sound really just makes me think more ska/punk than polka. I mean, they have nice cheesy vests, and wear lederhosen in other videos, but where's the accordion?!?!

Here's what I sent my friend Sally so she could wake up. I might have to play this a few times in a row. F-U-N

Oh, middle school. Not only was this out when I was in 6th or 7th grade, but I had a girl crush on this chick named Angela who I thought was THE coolest ever. And she wore babydoll dresses and alice bands in her hair just like Lady Miss Kier. AND? Q-Tip is in it.

Ok - now I loooooooove dancing, line dancing, and OH HOW I LOVE THE CUPID SHUFFLE. This is a fun video where you can watch people doing the dance - if you like it, click through to YouTube and look at their other videos.

Ok, one more line dance - I really like the Wobble too. I probably like it as much as the Cupid Shuffle, but I just haven't had a chance to do it as much. This is a REALLY fun video to watch.

I've been a Harry Connick, Jr. fan since I was in piano lessons as a kid. My piano teacher started the Jazz Festival in Wichita, KS (my hometown) and I was telling her that I liked big band, so she let me borrow a HCJ *tape* (yes, cassette tape) and I was in love. This is one of my favorite songs.

The Indigo Girls' classic: Closer to Fine. If you haven't sung along to this at an IG concert with thousands of people, well, you've missed out on something special. It's only life, after all . . . yeah.

This is a horrible recording, but I cannot tell you the joy that coursed through my veins when I saw this episode of The Office where Jim and Andy drunkenly sing along to the Indigo Girls.

You know what? I don't care how overplayed this is, it's still a fantastic song.

Driving beat. Lots of "ow!"s and "yeah!"s. Horns. Sunshine. HAPPY!

Get thee to a local convenience with 2-3 of your closest friends and show the dude behind the counter what Dance Party Fridays are all about.

This has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid - the song and the video. Just TRY not to dance or bop around while listening to this.

I love Stevie's original but this is the version I listened to on my walkman on a mix tape from my friend Justin, over and over and over and over. You should have seen that mix tape - Dead Milkman, 24/7 Spyz, Pixies, Primus . . . I was a much cooler middle schooler than I am as an adult.

I hope every one of you has had the opportunity to both BE Rickrolled AND to Rickroll someone else. I pat myself on the back for having loved this song since I was a kid, before it was cool to ironically like it. This was 3rd or 4th grade for me.

Did a lip sync in high school to this with my friends Katherine & Carla (we also did a string of Beasties performances, I'll have to do a Beasties day & tell you about it then) AND I got to see this performed last summer when Rob Base, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Salt N Pepa & Bell Biv Devoe came to the Taste of Chicago.

Man, I wish this group was together. I want to see them live.

You know all those "The ___s" bands that came out in the last 90s, early 2000s, with The Strokes, that were all supposed to save rock & roll? Well, The Hives are my favorites of all of those. They wear matching outfits and have names like Howlin Pelle, Arson, Dangerous, Destruction, Vigilante . . . I just love them. LOVE. THEM.

Yet another "I don't care what you think of me, I love this song and you can't make me feel guilty about it."

Great for a snack!

Tabloid footprints everywhere . . .

Closing out this DPF is THE happiest song ever.

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