Sunday, June 5, 2011

Multiple Mom Fails In One Entry!!

We’ll see if I actually publish this thing. Actually, we’ll see if I can write for 5 minutes without being interrupted. I’m taking the challenge from Veronica at the Crunchy VT Mommy blog, to do Stream of Consciousness Sunday, which is hosted at all.things.fadra.
Let’s see. I’m sitting in one of those foldup canvas chairs, on my front lawn, with the laptop on my lap, stealing someone’s wireless. My 3 year old just ran up to me to grab his shoes, we’ve been having quite a time outside today. First he was having fun with the neighbor boys as they chased each other, trying to throw water from a baby pool on one another. Then he got wet, and it was cold, and the game wasn’t fun anymore. I had to keep him from punching the kid who got him wet, so Fail #1 as a mom, I guess. My husband and I have this awesome parenting technique where I say, “violence is not the answer” and my husband says, “you have to show people you’re not a punk.”

Finally, all the kids tired of the water, mine got new dry clothes to wear, and now he’s running around with no shoes on. Which I’m cool with. My husband isn’t, though. I’m like, it’s just grass! I really don’t care if my kids get dirty and I’m not worried about them catching parasites. Mainly, I want them to not cut their feet . . . but that’s what eyes are for, AMIRITE?

Now he (the 3 year old) is mad because I won’t let him go inside someone’s garage to play. Sorry! Not really. While I don’t care about rusty, pointed objects piercing my kid’s feet, there is no way I’m letting him inside your home without me being there. Call me overprotective if you want. You can get the big WHATEVs.

Ok! 5 minutes are up.

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all.things.fadra said...

I'm late stopping by this week but that sounds a bit like my household. We constantly go between being the overprotective parents to my husband wanting him to stand up to those punks to me wanting to keep him my sweet sensitive little boy. I think you're doing just fine.

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