Thursday, June 2, 2011

OH, life

So life is ratcheted up to about the top level of crazy right now, and I don’t have time to give you anything of real substance. I’ll point you to some others who can. I work at a grad school and next Friday is our commencement (graduation) ceremony. I’m on the commencement committee, we’ve been working on this for months but as the date gets closer, the work level increases. So a week away from the ceremony means I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Next Friday, it’ll all be over. Next Friday, I’ll be consuming a few frosty beverages with co-workers. Next Friday, I will once again say, “I’m not going to work on that committee again next year!”

Anyway – I may not get around to Dance Party Friday or any posts after today. Get yourself to Pandora or YouTube or your mp3 player or even your local radio. Dance it all out. Say a prayer for me that I don’t lose it on someone during the next crazy-stressful week.

Blogs You Will Want To Read

every nothing wonderful

Tricia’s roundup of summertime citrus-y cocktails, with some of the most gorgeous photos ever! Can you say, blood orange?

Love Isn’t Enough

Good Whites/Bad Whites: A False Dichotomy Prevents the Anti-Racism Progress of White People – This is a great post that digs a little into the idea that racism isn’t just the overt violence we’re used to seeing on film. I don’t agree fully with the author’s final point – I agree with her but also think there’s still value in the TV show featured.

Chicago Style Crafters

This is my Etsy team blog. Sometime this week, I believe, will be a post from me about social media. The welcome currently on the page is from me & our team’s web captain.

Handmade With Purpose

Earlier this week we posted about why you should get in contact with a charitable org if you plan on donating shop/blog revenue to them, and how to do so. Would love feedback!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck planning commencement--that link about race sounds good. So true that racism is an issue that ALL PEOPLE have to deal with and address. Will check it out!

Marissa said...

Ashley, two weeks ago, I was exactly where you're at right now! Commencement week sure has a way of ramping up our stress levels, doesn't it? Good news is, I survived + you will, too. I'll be praying that the coming week is kind to you! :o)

Ashley said...

Thanks Marissa! I was talking to a former co-worker yesterday about it, and we agreed - we've done it for years, it always turns out well, these weeks are always crazy, we'll live, it'll be fine.

Tomorrow's our big walk-through at our location with staff who are assigned tasks, most of whom were hired after last years ceremony, so they're new to it . . . at least our way of doing it. :)

Do you have a staff devoted just to commencement, or do other staff come together to run it? Our student affairs department are all on the committee, plus a handful of staff from other departments. I'm in one of those other departments.

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