Wednesday, June 8, 2011

They/We Wrote It, You Read It

Read what some other folks have to say . . . ok, I’ve said some things too. But mostly it’s other folks.

An Open House – my high school friend and her husband (who happen to be one of the most gorgeous couples I've ever seen, they kind of put me in the mind of Jennifer Connolly & Bradley Cooper from Hes Just Not That Into You - I'm seriously, they're so pretty it's ridiculous) sold all their stuff, bought an Airstream trailer and are traveling the country. This entry on their blog gives you a tour of their trailer, which they customized. Make sure to read through their old entries on the why, how, and latest adventures!

Handmade Philanthropy: How To Series – posts written by myself and others on the Handmade With Purpose Blog. How to . . . Decide If You’re Ready To Give Back . . . Who To Give Back To . . . What To Give . . . Approaching a Charitable Organization . . . Establishing Credibility.

Chicago Style Crafters Blog – Follow along as my local Etsy team writes about the Chicago handmade community with reviews, member bios, tips, questions and events! Here’s my first entry on Social Media – new social media posts will be posted every Thursday. The rest of the week, look for other awesome content!

What I’ve Learned About Marriage – thoughts on what marriage requires and how our parents’ marriages impact and shape us, by my Twitter friend.

Erase the Tape – another Twitter friend writes about those damaging thoughts that stick with us . . . that aren’t true . . . yet we still believe them.

From Inny Mini Biz to Mega Empire – Mayi Carles is my new favorite handmade/small biz guru. Watch this video and read the comments and tell me you’re not a believer. And hey – if you, like me, aren’t interested in a mega empire? Just a fun, successful, educational journey on this handmade biz road? The post is for you, too.

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