Friday, December 9, 2011

All Kinds of Goodness

A few updates for you:

~ After enjoying Feminist Ryan Gosling, Biostatistical Ryan Gosling, Librarian Ryan Gosling, Literary Ryan Gosling . . . I decided to make Handmade Ryan Gosling. So far, it's a hit. Submit ideas for it to

~ Tonight's the office holiday party. There will be karaoke. Remember a month ago when I was all IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY I'M GONE SAAAAAANG and stuff? And I was playing the karaoke, guy-voice-only version of Need You Now over and over and over in my office so I could be prepared for my duet with Kelli? Well, now, my boss is being that way. I swear to God if he comes to my office one more time to ask me which verse of Sweet Caroline I'll be singing (when our dept sings as a group), I'll . . . well, I guess I'll tell him (again) that I'm singing the 2nd verse.

~ My phone's battery stopped charging last weekend and this week has been so busy that I still haven't had a chance to get to a store and see if they can fix it, or get a new battery, or whatever I have to do. This is major, y'all. I have a hard time without my phone, I do everything on it! Tomorrow is the day, the day I return to Tweeting in the bathroom so my family doesn't get mad at me for being on my phone all the time.

~ Annie at the Wattlebird blog is running a giveaway right now for $20 credit in my shop - head over there and get you some!

Ok, I don't have time to do a Dance Party Friday today, but I will leave you with this gem, from my friend Alicia, who has been able to see Leslie live. Jerk.

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