Sunday, December 25, 2011

What I Did On My Winter Vacation Pt. 1


I spied on the people who have doggie playdates in the big field behind our house. Usually there’s only 2 people and Vincent and I think they might be flirting with each other while their dogs play. It’s a little doggie playdate soap opera for us.


Oops, they saw me. Right after I snapped this shot, they all turned and waved.


I did a crap job wrapping presents. To quote my friend Black Girl In Maine, “Like the honey badger, I just don’t care”.


I said, “Why did someone dump all my old CDs out on the – OOH, CRANBERRIES!!”


I played outside in the only snowfall so far, with the 4 year old.


Here he’s looking at Vincent who is telling him to throw a snowball at me.


And now he runs from me.

DSCN6528 DSCN6529 DSCN6530 DSCN6531


Back at home, he shows us his best John Cena.


And then he looks cute some more.


I got some mail from Etsy! What?!


It’s an eco-friendly tote bag . . .


. . . and a little note thanking me for my work as a team captain (WHATUP CHICAGO STYLE CRAFTERS).


Dunno if Etsy knows I’m stepping down as team captain. Staying on the team, just letting others take the reins.


I organized and purged a lot of sewing/knitting/Etsy stuff. One day, I will learn how to sew from a pattern and will make one of those cute wrap tops.

I’ll be posting more of what I’ve been doing on my winter vacation . . . Did you get to take any time off? What have you been doing?

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