Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I Did On My Winter Vacation, Pt. 2


I played Dominos and Uno with the family . . . and never won! What’s up with that?!


I did a LOT of knitting – mostly new cozies, but a few headbands and phone cozies as well. This is just a small sample.


I took photos of my daughter modeling my new knitted headbands . . . she’s so pretty. :)


I stood at our patio door or bedroom window and just stared at the pretty field behind our house. This is where the doggie playdates go down.


I hung out in my daughter’s room and watched movies with her, while knitting. And reading. And watching the 4 year old jump into my shots.


I also watched him dance around her room, always in front of her mirror.


I took photos of the fabric I’m hoping to destash and sell.


I enjoyed our colorful Christmas tree. I think trees with white lights are so beautiful and classy, but trees with colored lights make me think of my childhood, and I just love them the most.


I went to the library a couple times. Not pictured here are the 37,000 anime DVDs my daughter checked out.


I got inspired to do something crafty and cool with boxes . . . can’t wait to finish these and show them off!


I wondered why I found my camera in my bed, with no battery life left. Hmmm . . .


OH HAI, CULPRIT! I SEE YOUR LITTLE 4-YEAR-OLD FEET. And the 29 blurry photos of your WWE “action fingers”.

More to come!

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