Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Handmade Ryan Team

Did you know I’m not the only person behind Handmade Ryan Gosling? It’s true! When I started it, a whole WEEK AGO (what? really? only 7 days ago?), I wrote to 3 handmade friends and asked if they would help me come up with ideas. They jumped right in and began pumping out some of the funniest shit ever. And then they told their friends. And y’all, they have a lot of friends.

The blog began taking off and I went to these ladies for advice on certain things, like “Three people have sent me the same thing, should I try to combine them?” and “I don’t really want to link to people’s shops, that’s cool, right?” and they were so helpful and full of wisdom.

And then the blog REALLY began taking off and I got a lot of solo recognition for it . . . well, because my name was the only one on it. I changed that, but still a lot of people were just giving me all the credit. Things have changed – the names listed on the blog have been updated, the work we’re doing on the blog has changed and now this is clearly not just a solo gig – we’re a team.

Now, as I’ve said before, we’re not curing cancer here. But you’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) at how much time, organization and consideration must be given to doing something like this well. So we’ve got our ducks in a row and are ready to give you the best darn rootin’ tootin’ Handmade Ryan Gosling meme you’ve ever seen!

I think it’s time that you met the ladies!


lily2I met Lily when taking a knitting lesson from Allyson (more about her later). Lily knits LIKE WHOA and is also a dancer opening up her own company in the near future (I predict Handmade Ryan dance parties – why not?)! Also? She cracks me up and has a cute nose ring. You can read Lily’s blog and follow her on Twitter.

lily knit


katieI actually only met Katie in person this week, but became Twitter friends with her a while back after stalking her a bit. She’s buds with Lily and Allyson (I SAID, more about her later, dang). Katie is an actress and very soon will be moving to LA to make it big, y’all! If she meets Ryan first it’s understood that the rest of us get a crack at him too. Just sayin’. Anyway – Katie does a lot of different crafty things but what I love most is her embroidery. Katie has a blog, an Etsy shop and a Twitter, too!



150 (2)I told you we’d get to her! I can’t remember how I came across Allyson on Twitter, but I did. I think I was initially captivated by her name – The Sweatshop of Love – but then fell in love with her hilarity. I took a knitting lesson from her and the rest was history. Allyson sells her knitted creations and patterns and also teaches all kinds of knitting. She is a machine, I tell you. A sports-watching, state-hopping machine (she splits her time between Minneapolis and Chicago). You can read her blog (where she also sells stuff), check out her Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter.

allyson clutch 

Enjoy getting to know these fine ladies!

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