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30 Days of Lists: A Few Things About Yourself

Have you heard about the blog 30 Days of Lists? If you love memes, you'll love this blog! A group of ladies put together list topics for you to respond to, and encourage you to get creative with the way you write your list.

Here are a couple examples I love:

Holly Knitlightly's list of DIY projects she wants to try

besu's list of favorite websites

atlanticatlantis's weekend goals

Bianca's playlist

I want to play! I want to play! But I'm not going to be able to keep up with a list a day, so I'll just do one every once in a while. Drumroll, please . . . (FYI today I'm just trying to get this cranked out, I'll make future ones pretty) . . .


I am a Mom. My husband (then boyfriend) and I had our oldest child when I was in college at Kansas State University, and when he was in the Army, stationed at Ft. Riley, KS. Our daughter Kori is now 11, our son Bennett is 9 and our son Rian is 3. I am a mixture of old & new school parenting styles. For example, you can dye your hair turquoise blue but you will not sass me. Yes, I just said sass. We can have dance parties every day of the week and make fun of each other, but you will not wear booty shorts. Let's show a little class with our experimentation, yes?

I am a Wife. Vincent and I have been through A LOT in our 10 years of marriage and still feel shocked, sometimes, that we lasted. Mainly because the odds were against us - super young, no money, kept having babies, interracial relationship . . . but - we're stubborn! And we want to give our kids the family life we didn't have growing up. I should be clear that we each had wonderful families and parents and safe, happy childhoods. But we didn't always have 2-parent households and that's something we want our kids to have. So we try, very hard. Sometimes we don't have to try.

I am a Small Business Owner. That sounds kinda weird, but I guess it's the truth! I sew and sometimes knit things for an Etsy shop. I have been pretty successful, by my standards, at least. I greatly, greatly enjoy the creativity, hard work and inventiveness starting my shop has brought out in me. These were all qualities I've displayed before but have been tugged & pulled to the forefront due to the nature of this business - the online, handmade business.

I am a Christian. Kind of. I was raised in the church (many denominations, actually) and have been semi-devout to devout most of my life. I've been through many phases of growth and exploration as a Christian. Right now, I still identify as Christian and still take comfort from scripture and prayer, but my certainty that it is the One True Way is gone, for the most part. This is a major, major change for me and it impacts so much of my life. I worry my devout friends (haven't broached it with relatives yet) and my atheist friends think another one has been "won" for their side. It's a sensitive topic for me (so why am I posting it here?!?) and most responses I've received, though well-intentioned, hurt. I still get irked when folks bash Christianity. I still get irked when Christians misuse scripture. I still like to talk theology. I don't really know where things will go for me in this regard.

Ok, running out of time:

~ I am a music lover. Seriously, it is my absolute, most favorite thing, ever, ever, ever. EVAR.
~ I enjoy animals (really, I do) but I don't want to live with them.
~ I love to dance. I was a pommie in high school and college and for several years, that was a big part of my identity.
~ I am short. Like, 4'10".
~ I love, love, love to talk about social justice issues, especially race and class and where the 2 intersect. I promise I will be nice, I would really love for you all to talk to me about this stuff. I get so excited when I post something along those lines, but most of the time, it's just *crickets*, you know?
~ My favorite color is red.
~ My favorite food is Mexican. And Cool Ranch Doritos.
~ I go crazy for any sort of "start from scratch" lifestyle, like people who live in major cities but grow rooftop veggie gardens, or stories about the pioneer settlers or the Amish.
~ I love watching an entire TV series via Netflix. So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed these series in this fashion: Rome, The Wire (best tv show, period!!!), Friday Nigh Lights (2nd best tv show, period!!!), Heroes, True Blood, Weeds, Felicity (borrowed that one from a friend, not Netflix).

And . . . that's enough for now!

Me saying Damn The Man


Me saying, Geez, lady. You are a weirdo.

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Karen said...

You are pretty fantastic, lady. :)
As for your posts on social justice stuff, I love it but I have a hard time commenting b/c I feel like there is so much I want to say and have found it's not satisfying to type it all out, I want to *talk* about it. It's such a big and deep and wide topic... I just can't get myself into conversation on Teh Internetz about it. Not sure if I'm making sense here...

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