Monday, March 28, 2011

This Is What Overcommitted Looks Like

I continue to be behind on life. Every aspect of my life is moving at full speed right now and I'm barely keeping up! I'm not quite sure if I just need to get more organized, carve out some time to focus on getting shop stuff made and blog posts written, or if I need to scale back my goals to something more realistic. Probably all three, right?

Here are some of the great things going on that I'm struggling to find time for:

Blog Stuff
~ Welcome blog post for my local Etsy team's new blog (launching in June!)
~ 6-part series of posts, starting in June, about using social networking to promote your Etsy shop
~ Blog posts for giveaways and the shop I'm sponsoring
~ Blog campaign to promote the Love For Japan Etsy shop (up and running, shop now, $ goes to Red Cross!)

Promo items for shop
~ Headbands & gadget cozies to people I know so they can test them for me
~ Cup cozies to a couple events either for promotion or for charity

New items for shop
~ I keep buying fabric and letting it sit there because I'm so busy I can't seem to find time to make anything with it.

Local Etsy Team
So, um, did I mention that I'm the captain of my team of over 100 members? *gulp* My team was going through a transition period and I stepped up to help us migrate to the new team space in Etsy. A captain must be assigned on the site and that ended up being me, and even though it was just a title that allowed me to send team invites to people, it's turned into a real leadership position on the team. Thankfully, there are many other people who are excited and active and who now have official leadership roles in the group. Still, I have certain responsibilities in terms of getting info to the team members and organizing certain things, and right now it feels a little heavy. I'm probably more organized on this than on any other front, but there are so many other people connected to it that I want to make as few mistakes as possible.

Plus, you know, FAMILY, FRIENDS and WORK. A month or two ago I was already feeling the need for more balance in how I spent my time, and wanting to focus more on my family and friends, yet somehow here I am, more committed to Etsy/blog stuff than ever before.

I feel like if I can take care of everything I'm currently committed to, I can relax a bit. Many of the things I listed above aren't recurring, so once they're done, they're done.

Deep breaths. I CAN DO THIS. Right?


CrunchyVTMommy said...

Geeze louise. You remind me of myself. I am always happiest with a full plate. Good luck I am sure you can get to all of it and fabulously :O)

Ashley said...

Your certainty makes me feel a little better. :)

Chrissy said...

Oh, I am the same...sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming, but I'm sure you'll manage everything! Happy Monday!

Ashley said...

I hope so! :) Happy Monday, to you, too.

gina luv said...

hang in there! i am suffering with the same feelings;)

Ashley said...

Thanks Gina! And - sorry. :)

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