Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Etsy Sales for Japan Relief

The devastation in Japan is overwhelming and I, like many others, want to help. I offer my prayers but other than that, I don't have the time, means or freedom to go there and help, and I don't know if that would help anyway. What I can do is make stuff and sell it and send the money to someone who DOES know what to do and CAN get there and CAN make a difference. I've already blogged, stating that 100% of my shop sales (through the end of March, at least) will be donated to the Red Cross and that I'm offering free shipping.

Here are some other Etsy shops who are also helping out. Check out their shops for details!

Set includes these perfumes: ELF PRINCESS - soft floral with notes of lavender, rose, and sandalwood
MIDNIGHT KISS - honeyed red fruits and roses

Pet ID Tag by Curious Crow Jewelry (they also have a great Dalai Lama pendant)

1 comment:

gina luv said...

i am just in awe at the devastation in japan. i love this post and hope that others will be inclined to shop. i am going shopping now:)

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