Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Featured Artist: Craftee McGee

As I’ve become more involved on Twitter, I’ve gotten to know a number crafters & shop owners. One of my favorites is Jacqui from the Etsy shop Craftee McGee – she makes really cute jewelry and accessories. She’s also from the Chicago area (though living deep in the Wisconsin woods right now) and apparently also critiques high school cheerleaders and dancers at sporting events, just like I do! NO GUILT.

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You can follow her on Twitter, read her blog and like her shop’s fan page. FYI, make sure to check out her blog, she’s got a couple recent entries highlighting ways you can get free and discounted items from her shop and othersI’ve been looking for some colorful earrings and found just what I was looking for at the Craftee McGee shop. My husband tends to put my mail in different spots each day so I’m not sure how long my order from Jacqui’s shop was sitting next to my bed . . . but I eventually found it. Look what was inside!

Green Dahlias!

Please forgive my blurry phone pics . . .

I got some aqua ones, too!

And here are a few more items I love from her shop:

the dish ran away with the spoon

amber wrapped wire ring

sweet pea begonia headband

So head over and check out her shop!


gina luv said...

yay:) i love jacqui's things:) she is so "craftee" :)gina
i hope you have been well! I have missed you:)

Ashley said...

I have been well - just really busy, thus the MIA-ness. I've been thinking about you!

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