Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Crafty To Do List

Like most people, I have a list of things I want to get done. I wish I cared about cleaning projects or exercise regimens, but mainly I have all these crafty things I’d like to do, but rarely get around to. None of them are too difficult, they’re simply things I haven’t done before so they seem a little daunting, and I keep putting them off.

I hope that someday soon I will be able to cross the following off of my Crafty To Do List:

Knit Socks

They don’t need to be fancy. No awesome patterns. Just plain old socks. I mainly want to do this because I have a couple pairs of socks from back in the day that I love, love love. They are very log-cabin looking, and so warm and snuggly. But as socks are known to do, they’re worn out. I’ve fixed the holes in the toes and heels but at some point, these suckers are going to fall apart. Now – unlike a few years ago, when I wanted to live on a farm with no electricity where I would knit and churn butter and grow vegetables and run through fields of wildflowers all day (because that’s what life without electricity is like, right?), I am no longer enamored with Making Everything Possible By Hand. But I can’t find this type of sock anywhere that doesn’t cost like $10 a pair. And dude, I am cheap. I am not paying $10 for a single pair of socks. Not when I can get a 6-pack of plain whites for $5. So – I will find a simple pattern, see if any of my existing yarn will work, and if not, look for yarn on sale. AND I WILL KNIT A PAIR OF SOCKS!

Decoupage Something

I know, all you crafties are looking at me, like, “You are 33 years old woman! You have an Etsy shop, and 3 kids, and you read crafty blogs, and you’re telling me you have never decoupaged anything?” Uhh . . . no. I haven’t. So yeah, I want to decoupage something. Right now, I’m thinking of really small projects so that I don’t overwhelm myself, especially if it doesn’t turn out very well the first time. I think I want to use some of my fabric scraps, and use them to decoupage an ugly picture frame. Or maybe these small lamp shades my husband bought at IKEA (the wrong ones) that we never returned. I can put them in one of the kids’ rooms. Or on my sewing table in the kitchen.

Oh, I also want to decoupage some sort of table or dresser, but I think I need to get the small projects under my belt first.

Make Jewelry

I am not going to get into jewelry design. I repeat, I am not going to get into jewelry design. I don’t need another hobby & set of supplies, I’m barely keeping up with my fabric/knitting stash. However – since I don’t need cute clasps and am not into delicate stuff, really, I’d like to go to the craft store, pick up a few strands of chunky beads, some stretchy bracelet thread, put it all together, and keep it moving. I can never seem to find stuff JUST like I want it, and – have I mentioned I’m cheap? – I’m not willing to pay an arm & a leg for something I could make myself for a fraction of the cost.

What crafty projects do you want to do? Do you think you’ll ever get around to doing them?


stephanie said...

knit socks? get it girl!!! i wouldn't even know where to begin with knitting socks!!!

gina luv said...

wow! you are quite ambitious. i want to get organized. that is quite an adventure for me;)

Ashley said...

Stephanie - Don't stop! Get it, get it! ;) I don't know where to begin, either. I'm going to have to get some teensy needles and probably some sock yarn. I'll find the simplest pattern possible and just work on it during movies or something. I'll probably get to this in about . . . two years. Ha!

Gina - "I'm so ambitious! HEY" Sorry, had to break out in song for a sec. :) I *am* ambitious. Doesn't mean anything will come of it. But blogging about it means it will happen one day, right?

Ashley said...

And I am so not organized. I have a whole bunch of gallon & sandwich sized ziplock bags that at one time were split into buttons, embroidery floss, needles/pins/seam rippers/tools . . . and bags and two big plastic tubs full of fabric and yarn. Every month or two I go through, organize it and then within a day or two it's a mess again. I drool over those craft rooms with all the cubbies and drawers.

renee said...

That's a simple pattern for socks. I really like it, it can be easily adapted to your needs. And it uses sportweight yarn, which is a bit thicker than traditional sockweight yarn. It makes some nice cozy socks.

Additionsstyle said...

Those sound like great projects, that I am sure you will cross off your list soon.

I would love to sew a whole seasons worth of cloths that I like. I hate when you go to the store and need a few things only find 1 or 2 things that work.

Sewing takes time and I don't have much of that these days. Maybe one day I will get it together and have the wardrobe I want.

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