Friday, March 11, 2011

311 Dance Party Friday!

Since today is 3/11, I'm going to host a 311 dance party! And one day, I will get over not being able to go on the 311 cruise. Sniff.

311 has such a great, eclectic sound. Reggae, metal, funk, rock, awesomeness. I was introduced to them on accident. I'd heard their name but was irritated with "number bands" at the time (my senior year in high school, 95-96) so when I heard they were in my small city, playing with No Doubt, I didn't go to the show. At the same time, I was listening to a cassette tape I'd found - a blank tape that someone had recorded some band's album onto. I had no idea that I was listening to 311 until I recognized the lyrics, "My bros are down for the unity - 311 is down for the unity!" I was so so bummed that I'd chosen not to see them live in such a small club - I can only imagine how great that show must have been. Sniff.

Never fear, I have seen them since then. A friend bought me tickets to see them at a big arena a couple years later. I need to see them again!

I didn't listen to this song much until my family and I learned to play it on Guitar Hero. Now it's one of my favorites (and I kill it on that little plastic guitar).

This is easily my favorite 311 song. Sigh.

A great example of their mellow side.

This is my favorite song from their first album. A good mix between their smooth sound & their hard sound.

Still, with the smooth - turns out it's my favorite of their styles. :)

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