Friday, September 2, 2011

Dance Party Friday! Don't Call It A Comeback Edition

Ok, I guess you can call it a comeback. WELCOME BACK TO BLOGLAND, ASHLEY!! Oh wait, is that what you're supposed to say to me?

Anyway, I'm back. Being without social media hurt at first, but I got used to it, and will move forward with the intention of keeping it low key.

Today's DPF is going to be all about musicians and bands that made a comeback. Some came out with a new album after a long time away from the music scene . . . some came back with a tour after breaking up and saying they'd never play together again . . . some came back as a solo artist or as part of a group, when previously they'd performed otherwise . . . but all made an impact when they came back on the scene.

What's Love Got to Do With It was her big comeback hit, but I have a special place in my heart for Private Dancer, as I like to say, "I'm not your private dancer" when people tell me what to do.

We all love Johnny Cash, right? RIGHT? I resisted getting into him because everyone around me was gaga for him, but eventually couldn't hold out any longer. There is so much about him I identify with and admire. This is a great song (written by the dude from Danzig, what?!) on the American Recordings album that Cash did with Rick Rubin, decades after his prominence in the 60s and 70s.

Now, Prince wasn't completely out of the scene between this album (Diamonds and Pearls) and his prior hit, Purple Rain . . . but by this time he was battling his record company over his name, had lost Wendy and Lisa and gained a symbol and a set of twins.

Weezer did put out Pinkerton between their blue and green albums, but did anyone really listen to it? Ok, I did. And then, you know, Rivers kept going back to school and being moody and stuff. BUT THEN! Came this awesome album and a handful of amazing ditties.

So Jay-Z? Jay-Z is the Michael Jordan/Brett Favre of hip hop. One day he's retiring (Black Album) and the next thing you know he's blowing up radio all over the place with this huge, huge hit.

The Eagles are one of my favorite bands, I'd say a top 10 band for me. I daydream about going to one of their concerts, but dangit, tickets are expensive! Their famous comeback concert tour and album was named Hell Freezes Over because back in the day, they swore they'd never play together again. This is one of my favorite songs. Joe Walsh is the bomb.

I hope you've all had the pleasure of being Rickrolled. If not, well, it's something that has to happen to you. Ask a friend in the know to do it to you as a surprise one day. Here's Rick Astley singing his biggest hit (woop woop, this was my favorite song for approximately one full year as a kid) which gave him a comeback in popularity due to the whole Rickroll thing. Good for him. He's a good looking dude, by the way. Just saying.

You may not know of this comeback song with Ne-Yo (I personally like it), but honestly, NKOTB didn't need to record ANYTHING new. They came back touring with a vengeance and I partook, yes I did!! It was a great time with friends and thousands of fellow fans who had over-the-top obsessive crushes on these guys (too). I was always a Jordan girl, but I gotta say, Donnie grew up REAL NICE.

Loretta Lynn is a musician I always knew of, but only began listening to in the last couple of years. She teamed up with Jack White (Oh, I Love Him So) for an entire album that cemented a comeback for her after decades of consistent work that just wasn't as commercially successful as her 60s and 70s albums. Wait, didn't I just say that? Interesting that she & Johnny Cash had similar paths in this respect.

Who's missing from my list? What comeback blew you away?

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