Monday, September 12, 2011

We love the library!

My dad brought me up going to the library at least once a week and I’ve passed this tradition on to my kids. The thing that overwhelms me about the library – that I’ll never have time to read everything there – is also what I love so much about it. So much to learn about the world, right there at your fingertips! Though my online writing doesn’t always reflect it, I learned grammar, spelling and the roots of words just from reading all the time as a kid. When you see something done the right way long enough, it seeps in and you become able to do it right, too . . . or at the very least, you learn how to spot when someone else is doing it wrong.

Here are a few pics from a recent trip to the branch that’s 3 blocks from our house. My four-year-old wants to go to school so badly, and was over the moon when my husband brought home a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack for him. He just HAD to wear it to the library to carry his books home.

2011-08-16 15.22.16

Most of these pics are of the kids' area at our small branch. I’d have taken pics of the tiny young adult & adult sections, but there were lots of people and I didn’t want to try to sneak photos.

2011-08-16 17.08.32

The castle

2011-08-16 17.10.12Inside the castle. We usually put together a massive train set in here.

2011-08-16 15.48.15

We cut off all his curls. Sniff. He always seems so much older when his hair is big and curly.

2011-08-16 17.09.30

LOTS of books for beginning readers.

2011-08-16 17.09.42

To the left of King Tut are cool non-fiction DVDs for kids, like “How to Knit” and so on.

2011-08-16 17.09.58 (1)

The little one loves lighting up all these panels and looking at the different dinosaurs.

2011-08-16 17.08.16

Mama wants some fun, too!

Do you go to the library often?

What sort of books do you like to read?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The library is a kind of church for us, too. I can't imagine NOT bringing kids to one. And because I'm a book-slut, I read it all. My middle is a big fan of nonfiction, particularly sharks and ocean-themed books, but the others read like me.

Katie said...

Ok, I have "World Without End" on my bookshelf right now, but haven't read it yet! Let me know what you think!

Ashley said...

Melissa, I tend to go through phases in my reading, but almost always end up leaving with more books (and types of books) than I intended. AND IT'S ALL FREE! How awesome. I love non-fiction children's books, for myself and my kids.

Katie, I liked it! I think I got into it more than Pillars - I connected with the characters a bit more. It's less architecture-focused (though that's still there) but highlights some other interesting crafts & trades - bridge building, medicine, dying fabric. Plus all the drama and romance and ecclesiastical scheming.

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