Thursday, January 13, 2011


So here's what happened. Questlove from the Roots (a band I didn't just start liking when the Jimmy Fallon show went on the air, oh no. A band I've loved since 1996!) tweeted a funny link. Not unusual – he tweets . . . well, he tweets a lot.


Sidebar that you may need: Do you know what TinyURL is? It's a website you can go to, to make your long URLs shorter. This comes in handy when posting links to Facebook and Twitter, especially, because you only have so many characters you can type. So TinyURL shortens your links for you, though they're still functional. An original link might look like this: but after using TinyURL, it looks like this: See? Significantly shorter.There are other websites out there that do this same sort of thing, but the link they create for you features their own website name. For example, there is one called Bit that creates shortened links that start with there is one called Snip, and so on. You can Google “URL shortener” to find them.

Back to Questlove – the funny link he tweeted was a URL shortener that would TOTALLY BIEBIFY your link (it provides you a link that starts off with Justin Bieber’s name). All you have to do is paste your long link into the box inside Bieber’s mouth,


and he’ll spit back out a link that will start with something like: Well, it would have if it was actually functional. It was just a joke, a short-lived webpage created by a handful of Tweeps. But it was a good joke! Because, as I have tweeted several times, #HESEVERYWHERE. He being the Biebs, of course.

I thought it was funny so I re-tweeted the link, with my own comment.


Then one of my Tweeps re-tweeted it.


Between those 2 tweets, Questlove noticed my username and said this:


Which of course made my day.

So thank you, @elliottkember, @dizzyup, @reddavis, @juliancheal, @philsturgeon and @iamdanw for sharing your Bieber love with the rest of us.


And thanks to @natejones, @crazygemini12 and @fertrue for helping me figure out a new Twitter handle YESTERDAY. Timely, right?

P.S. The Bieber URL shortener got so popular that it was reported by quite a few news outlets.

P.P.S. The site gave you the option to add the Biebifier to your toolbar . . . even though it’s not functional, I think I’ll leave it up there. I like seeing his pretty little face looking back at me whenever I do anything online.

biebify it

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Mrs. G. said...

I'm going to admit I think that little Bieber is cute. I hope he isn't crushed by fame. I am glad to know about the tiny url.

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