Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Somewhere, a unicorn is saying, "It's really not that big of a deal, Ashley."

I've mentioned in a few places that I'm hoping to use Twitter and this blog to get to know other bloggers and crafters, and to focus on my Etsy shop. I do already have an Etsy Facebook page . . .

I've followed a lot of people on Twitter and their blogs, and have gotten to work looking through recent entries, to get a feel for each blog and the people who comment there. Some bloggers make me laugh, some knock me out with the effort they put into making every inch of their life a beautifully designed thing. Some will probably never get to know me as an individual, some will probably become my friends.

I wonder, where do I want to go with this thing? What look should this blog have, and what should I write about? The thing is - I am not going to fit in, not exactly. I am never going to be able to sustain a blog that is focused strictly on design or crafting. I am going to want to talk about my life and the things that are meaningful to me, the things that crack me up. The things that piss me off. The songs that I can't get out of my head . . . and yes, the things I make and the things other people make that I think are really awesome.

Is that ok? Do I have to make this place really sparkly and covered in hearts and unicorns in order for others to follow along and get to know me? The thing is, I don't think there's anything wrong with hearts and unicorns, and I enjoy getting a glimpse of other people's heart & unicorn-style lives. But that's not me and it's not how I live.

Am *I* going to be enough, just as I am?


Heather - said...

No, just do what you want to do with it. It's your blog. If you just want it to be an outlet/connection, then that's all you have to do!

If you want to try to make an income with the blog itself, you might have to bring on some unicorns (or equivalent - ha ha!)

Ashley said...

No desire for the blog itself to make any money. Just want to connect with folks AND use it as a platform for promoting my shop and other shops.

However, I've already been writing about the stuff I want to (this blog has been around a year or two), and only a couple people I know in real life ever looked at the thing. That's slowly changing, but I'm just wondering, does everyone want to only read unicorn blogs?

Annie said...

I personally like when people mix in their personal life with their crafty/design posts. I like to hear what people are making, but I want to know WHO it is that is making those things too. I'm actually trying to mix in a little more personality into my blog this year :)

...But I also like unicorns.

Carrie G said...

Yes, that is enough. No one has a perfect life or a perfect blog. And when a blog portrays a perfect life, I find it fake. Be real and people will follow you.

Stephanie said...

I'm new to reading your posts and I like them! I think the key is to just be you! Over time your blog might change a bit here or there but just always keep it true to who you are!

Anonymous said...

Segment your posts so people can subscribe can subscribe to everything or pick and choose subjects they want to read about (à la PW).

The last thing the world needs is another sunshine and puppies blog where the writer's life is perfect and her opinions are fully-formed and unwavering.

Here is a funny blog:


Ashley said...

I think that is officially my favorite blog of the day.

Anonymous, you should share good links under your real name!

Chrissy said...

I love when someone is just himself and no-one other than that! Love it!
I like your blog just the way it is! And thanks for accepting me to your etsy team! yay!
Hugs xxx

Ashley said...

Thanks Chrissy! I can't wait to meet you.

Anonymous - I know who you are. I mean, I think I do. Except, as you know, you're all hidden and stuff so I can't REALLY know who you are. But I saw you comment elsewhere. :) You should really de-lurk and we can have fun together. ashjray at gmail.

And - I was just sending SRSLYSOBLSD to a friend and unmuted my laptop for something - finally heard the Biebs. Nice touch.

eNVe said...

just be YOU ashley-poo. that's why those of us who love you.. well, LOVE YOU! ;)

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