Friday, January 21, 2011

Dance Party Friday!

Around here (Ashleyland), we like to have dance parties on Friday. Well, we like to have dance parties all the time, but a while back I insituted an Official Dance Party Friday Policy in my office, and my student workers and I made sure to follow that policy to the letter! They're off being post-docs now and I'm all by myself, so I think you should have a Dance Party with me.

First for today - in honor of my kinda/sorta brush with celebrity a few days ago - is the song by the Roots that caught my attention way back in my freshman year of college. This is from a great album, Illadelph Halflife. This video actually comes with captions making fun of the too-obvious gratuitious T&A, bling, cars, etc. that is present in way too many hip hop videos, especially at that time. This was in 1996, coming off the crest of Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg/Tupac/etc. popularity. Unfortunately, the captions were removed from this "official" video, which makes the video just look dumb and vulgar. So when you see a fancy car, imagine a caption saying something about how the car was rented for the day, just for the video shoot. That sort of thing.

Next - THE OFFICIAL DANCE PARTY FRIDAY JAM: That's right - Fergalicious. Tell me this does not make you move. Just try.

Here's a song that didn't really get radio play, but is so much fun, has great horns and energy. And the video is awesome (I love the clapping part!) and Jason Mraz is hot.

And finally . . . let's go indie to close out the party - Banquet by Bloc Party. I can basically listen to this song on repeat, all day, every day.

What songs are you listening to at YOUR Dance Party Friday?

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Chrissy said...

Those are some great music choices!

I really hope you will blog about the meeting tomorrow! So wish I could be there!!!

Have a great time!
Hugs xxx

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