Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I love my co-workers

From an email about a service project I'm taking the 2 older kids to on Saturday:

Shine up your serving shoes, the MLK Saturday of Service is only 3 days away!

Volunteer to be an MLK Day Super Server Leader – I may have just made up that title, but the Project Leader Position is a very real way to take on a leadership role at the event itself and play a more central role in our service day. No prior preparation is necessary. Project Leaders simply obtain a headcount on the bus at the beginning and end of the day, share with the bus information given to them about the site, help with any small logistics that arise, and lead some brief reflections on the return bus ride. Those of you who have already lost valuable MLK Service Points would do well to volunteer.

Lunches – So I lied earlier, everyone is getting a cookie with lunch. You’re welcome. Because some of us may be boarding different buses, you will receive your lunch before the day begins at 9am. If you board a bus without a lunch you better have eaten a big breakfast or know a thing or two about thieving boxed lunches.

Groups – Because there are a lot of us, it is likely we will not all serve at the same place. As of now, the only people being kept together are people who RSVP’ed for both themselves and their guests all at once and “Emily’s Besties” (her words). If you were planning on serving alongside someone else who RSVP’ed separately from you, please let me know asap. It also won’t be the end of the world if you switch groups with someone on the day.

Interesting story - the guy who wrote this is from my hometown of Wichita, KS . . . he went to my high school and was also a member of my high school youth group. He's 8 years younger than me so we didn't know each other back then, but what are the odds that we'd end up working at the same place, on the same floor, literally 10 feet away from each other, in a city the size of Chicago?

Are you doing anything service-related for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday?

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